Sunday, August 10, 2008

Welcome to Springfield Home Improvement Blogger!

How many time have you had to look up in the phone book for painters, remodelers, appliance repair businesses, etc? How do you know if they will provide you the best services? First, you probably have to call 2 or 3 different businesses. Second, you have to find times to stay home so they can each come to your house to give you a bid. Third, you have to compare bids to find out if which business is giving you the best deal. There are several problems with this scenario. No one has the time anymore to stay at home for the bids nor do most people know what these businesses are talking about when they tell you the bid so it's difficult to determine which bid is the best deal (because we all know - the cheapest bid isn't always the best deal).

So - why are we telling you all this? We want to provide the Springfield community with an EASY way to find the best business to give you the BEST DEAL. This blog is organized by home improvement categories. Click on the links below each category and then read through the comments and polling rating about the different businesses. It's so easy to find the best business for the best deal!

Don't forget - come back to this blog to share with your friends in the Springfield community your comments and polling ratings about these home improvement businesses!

Remodeling Businesses